American Characters

  • Find A Grave - The website contains listings of cemeteries and graves from all around the world. Individual grave records contain some or all of the following information: dates and places of birth and death, biographical information, cemetery and plot information, photographs (grave marker, the individual, etc.), and contributor information.
  • World Book Advanced - Search for characters in this online encyclopedia. After you search for a character, be sure to check out all of the resource types available, including primary source materials and web sites. If you access this site from home, you will need to log in with the generic district online database username and password (HINT: Username = grossmontu).
  • Biography Almanac - As a feature of Infoplease, this search engine provides access to a database of over 30,000 biographies. Search by keyword, or browse alphabetically, by category, or by race and ethnicity. Sources include the Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia published by the Columbia University Press and the TIME Almanac.
  • - Contains over 25,000 biographies. To locate information about characters, search by a person's name or by keyword(s). You may also browse alphabetically or by category. Click here for information on citing this site.
  • Presidents and First Ladies - Biographical sketches of the U.S. Presidents and First Ladies provided on the White House website.