Ms. Turner - Resources for Classes

Mythology Class Resources:

General Resources

Family Trees of Gods and Goddesses
Includes Greek, Norse, and Roman family trees

World Book Mythology Resource Guide (Requires login when accessing off-campus)

Resources on Specific Topics
An outstanding collection of brief articles in the areas of mythology and folklore. Includes a bestiary of legendary and mythical creatures.

The Abominable Snowman
An extensive history of the myth of the Abominable Snowman, also known as the Yeti. The broader site is completely devoted to all things Yeti. 

Alien Abduction Files
"Case files" of many well-known reports of alleged alien abduction. 

This is an outstanding series and set of resources from The History Channel, exploring ancient alien theories like those written about by Erich von Däniken (Chariots of the Gods?).

Ancient Atlantis
An extended list of the many stories and theories about mythical Atlantis, including its possible geographic location.

Ancient Babylonia
A look at the rise and fall of Babylon.

This site is NOT just about Area 51. They call themselves "the secret headquarters for paranormal reports," and they provide links to an extensive collection of sites devoted to the paranormal, aliens, ghosts, etc. Worth looking at! 

Art: Mythology in Art - The J. Paul Getty Museum
An image gallery featuring works of art in the Getty Museum that feature mythological figures. 

Aztec Mythology: Mictlan
A brief look at the Aztec belief in the underworld they called Mictlan.

Crystal Skulls: The Smithsonian Museum
An online exhibition from the Smithsonian Museum, with thoughtful text outlining the history of crystal skulls.  

Dragons: On The Origin Of Dragons
A historical look at dragon lore. The broader site is all about dragons, and is quite extensive--note that some parts of the site are in German only. 

Easter Island: Mysterious Places
An excellent site about Easter Island, with abundant resources.

Egypt: TourEgypt
An expansive collection of detailed information about the Egyptian pyramids.

Egyptian Pyramids: Who Built the Pyramids?
A thoughtful article in Harvard Magazine examining the questions about who built the Egyptian pyramids. 

An excellent article from The Atlantic, entitled "The Scholars and the Goddess."

An encyclopedic collection of information about the occult, paranormal, and the unexplained. 

The Skeptic's Dictionary
A fascinating site, providing definitions for hundreds of terms in such categories as "ETs & UFOs," "Supernatural," Frauds, Hoaxes, Conspiracies," "Junk Science," and the "Paranormal."  

UFOs and the CIA
The CIA's public version of events.

Urban Legends
An extensive guide from

Film As Literature Class Resources

Director Project 


In addition to the websites listed below, be sure to go to our "Online Databases" page. Try EBSCO Host, using these tips: 
In the large EBSCO Host search box, enter the director's name surrounded by quotation marks. 
When you receive your search results, you can narrow the results; if you look on the left under "SUBJECT" and click on the name of the director, your search results will be limited to articles whose primary subject matter is the director. 

The Internet Movie Database 

Senses of Cinema - Great Directors 

Museum of the Moving Image - Pinewood Dialogues 

Film Reference (scroll down to lists of directors) 

The Directors Guild of America 


Schirmer Encyclopedia of Film 
You can enter a search term within the encyclopedia. Here is an excellent article on what it means to be a film director:DIRECTION