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Literary Reference Center (EBSCO Host)


Literary Periods, Movements, and History (The Literature Network)

Literary Timeline - PBS (1800-2000 / By Nationality)

Literary Resources on the Net

American Literary Movements

Voice of the Shuttle - Literature in English (Huge Collection of Web-Based Resources)


Novels for Students (16 volumes)

The link above will take you to the Gale Virtual Reference Library. Once you are logged in, click on "Literature" and you will find the Novels for Students set. You can either use the search box to search within the collection, or you can click on volume 16 and go to the cumulative title/author index--it shows everything included in all 16 volumes.

This site may ask you for a password; see an ECV Library staff member if you need assistance. (Hint: It is the same password used when you want off-campus access our paid online databases).

Print Resources

Be sure to check out the ECV Library's extensive collection of print material related to literary history. For information on social movements, features of particular eras/chronological time periods, and literature's societal role, these are particularly good sources (you will find them on the cart of books we have pulled for this project):

Literature and Its Times - 5 volume set
Volume 1 - Prehistory-1790s
Volume 2 - 1800-1880s
Volume 3 - 1890-1930s
Volume 4 - 1940-1950s
Volume 5 - 1960-2000

Novels For Students - 16 volume set

These books take an in-depth look at individual works of literature. Each article includes information about the time period when the novel was written, how the work fits into a larger literary and social context, and information about the author. There are also excellent examples of literary criticism for each work included in the collection. (Also available as eBooks--see link above).

For those wanting in-depth essays about specific literary movements, we have books on:

Slave Narratives
American Romanticism
American Realism
American Modernism
The Harlem Renaissance

Renaissance Literature
English Romanticism
Victorian Literature

If you search the Online Library Catalog for ECV, you will find many additional books about literature and literary history.