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El Capitan

Attention students,

You can check your library fine at the online catalog, Destiny.


Username: Student ID#
Password: initials+6 digit birthday (flmmddyy)

(Password help. Initials are lowercase and they are the first letters of your first name and the first letter of your last name. The beginning of my password would be 'co' for Chansamone O'Meara. If my birthday is April 15, 1997; my 6-digit password will be 041597. Use the number '0' for the single-digit month and/or day and it is the last two digits of your birth year. So my password is co041597.)

Leaving the Grossmont District?

If you are graduating, changing jobs, or moving schools, you can take all of your Google data with you! 

For all services except Google Sites, simply follow the steps below for using Google Takeout. This tool allows you to download all of your Google-related items. You can then transfer or upload those items to a personal, university, or other Google account.

Please go to the Google Takeout page here and follow the instructions.

Student accounts will be disabled July 31, 2017

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