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Monte Vista's Happening at  the Monte Vista Library?            

You need to pay your library fines, believe me!
How can you find out what library fines you might owe? It's easy! Click on the DESTINY link to the left, and it will walk you through how you can log on to the library program catalog and see what books you have, when they're due, and how to make the library great again! SENIORS: you won't be able to purchase your Chromebooks unless all other fines are cleared! 

(Trivia: the hair on my head is really a Tribble from Star Trek. Look it up.)
Two New Fiction Sections     
The library has two new genre-fiction sections for your reading pleasure. The LGBT+ fiction section features all kinds of fiction with primarily LGBT+ characters and issues. the URBAN FICTION section features realistic fiction that deals with harder-edged topics in a more gritty, realistic way. We will be adding books to these sections over time.  They are located behind the new book display when you first enter the library, where we used to have fiction W-Z. 

Examples of books found in these genres are things like Alex Sanchez' RAINBOW BOYS and David Levithan's BOY MEETS BOY in the LGBT section, and Sistah Souljah and the Bluford High series in the Urban fiction.

Looking for an electronic version of a book you can't locate in the physical world? Try checking the Internet Archive, a free resource with millions of books posted!

Would you like to explore future careers? Our library has some amazing resources. Go to ONLINE DATABASES (above left) and click on SALEM PRESS CAREERS (password is montevista). You can explore almost any career in the ebooks available there. 

Also, PrepStep, our new database, has extensive, downloadable interactive books for thousands of interesting careers. Make an account (FREE!) in PrepStep and go exploring!

PrepStep is a new feature this year in the ONLINE DATABASES
                       You can do all of the following things (and more!) 

- read and download current info on thousands of careers!
- take assessment tests to see which career suits you 
- prepare for AP, SAT, ACT and PSAT with practice tests
- search for college programs that suit your needs
- get help with math and English skills 
- take real tests for real careers -- see how you would do on the actual tests, including for the military! 

Library Expectations:

*Follow all Monte Vista school rules.

*No food or drink except water is allowed. Feel free to PARK your food on the cart near the door.

*No personal hygiene, including make-up, perfume, lotion, gel, etc.

* MODULATE YOUR VOICE! Other people are trying to work! 

Are you going to take an AP Test? Getting ready for SATs or ACTs? ASVAB?  You can do FREE test prep on the library database PREP STEP site. LINK HERE PREP STEP LINK 



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