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Valhalla students are almost always respectful and cooperative.  Disciplinary measures are rarely needed.  The Valhalla library is a comfortable, welcoming, pleasant place for students to read and to do research.


Due Dates and Fines
  • Books are checked out for two weeks at a time.
  • Books may be renewed repeatedly unless someone is waiting for them.  Bring the book with you in order to renew it.
  • Late books are charged 10 cents a day.  We do not charge for weekends or holidays.
  • After reaching a total of $10.00 in fines, students may not check out books until the fine is paid down below $10.00.
  • Printing from the computers costs 15 cents per page.
  • Charges for the copy machine are 15 cents per page.
  • Students who do not have money handy may ask to have the amount charged to their accounts.
  • Students must clear all charges before buying bids to major dances and in order to receive a yearbook or diploma.  Students transferring out of Valhalla need to clear fines before leaving.

  • When possible, students are asked to sit two to a table in order to maintain a studious atmosphere.
  • Students who wish to socialize (an important part of high school!) should find meeting places other than the library.
  • Food or beverages other than plain water are not allowed in the library.

Computer Policies
  • Students are required to access only appropriate websites.
  • Students are advised that their computer screens are monitored remotely in the library and in the Tech Specialist's office on the first floor.
  • Accessing inappropriate material results in an immediate referral and possible revocation of computer privileges.