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West Hills Library - For Teachers

Class Visits
  • See information below regarding the two calendars available for booking class visits to the library: (1) Library Computers and (2) Library Study Area.
  • The librarian works Periods 1-6 and so full services are generally available during these periods. If you would like to use the library during Period 7, simply coordinate with the librarian beforehand.
  • Teachers are encouraged to communicate with the librarian when signing up for visits in order to prepare collaboratively when possible. 
  • Teachers are requested to not sign up for library visits when a substitute teacher is scheduled. If this is necessary, please make arrangements ahead of time with the librarian.
    • Library Computers (41 in main area; 49 total)
      • 37 Chromeboxes in the main computer area
      • 4 iMacs on the high counter
      • 2 PCs and 6 Chromeboxes in media room located near front of library (locked unless use requested) - small groups may use this room with teacher permission
    • Library Study Area 
      • Accommodates up to 44 students, with up to (4) students per table
      • Teacher iMac workstation with document camera and projector
  • Click here for additional help on how to use Google Calendar for booking and to also access calendars for reserving other computer labs and COWs.
  • When utilizing the computers, teachers are requested to create a seating chart. Here is a link to a printable seating chart.