Author Visits

Becca Fitzpatrick, Moira Young, and Elizabeth Miles

On October 4, 2011, three best-selling authors of young adult literature visited the West Hills Library. 

Becca Fitzpatrick (The Hush Hush Series)
Moira Young (Blood Red Road)
Elizabeth Miles (The Fury Series)

In their presentation, they introduced their novels and talked about the writing and publishing process. The authors enjoyed their visit and were impressed with our students' insightful questions and comments.

Hush Hush         Blood Red Road        Fury

READ poster with McMann

Lisa McMann

Young adult author Lisa McMann, who brought the power of dreams to vivid life in her Wake trilogy, visited the West Hills Library to discuss her new novel, Cryer's Cross. Ms. McMann poses for a READ poster with Readers and Writers Club co-president, Karine Lawrence (right).

Margaret Stohl

On December 13th, author Margaret Stohl visited the West Hills Library to discuss her novels, Beautiful Creatures and Beautiful Darkness with Ms. Preble's Creative Writing classes and our Readers and Writers Club. Her lively presentation, which included discussion of the writing process with co-author Kami Garcia, as well as, character development and plot structure, was received with enthusiasm and laughter by the audience.

                     Beautiful Creatures                  Beautiful Darkness