EasyBib Citations

Still Need More Help on MLA?

Use EasyBib for help creating MLA citations. In addition to going directly to EasyBib's website, you can also add EasyBib to Google Docs.

Click on Add-ons >> Get add-ons...

screenshot of a google document with add-ons circled

Search for EasyBib

screenshot of add-ons menu, easybib has been entered into search

Click on FREE

add-ons menu, free has been selected

Click on Accept

Google permissions box, accept is highlighted with an arrow

With EasyBib now added to Google Docs, access it whenever you have a Doc open by clicking on Add-ons >> EasyBib Bibliography Creator >> Manage Bibliography

Closeup of add-ons menu dropdown, easybib bibliography creator is selected
down arrow

You should now see a Cite a Source window on the right side of your Doc that you may use to create citations and build your bibliography.

google document with easybib pop-up alongside

Still Need More Help on MLA?

For more detailed information about MLA format, visit the Online Writing Lab. Also, do not hesitate to talk to your school librarian, who is always happy to help! 
OWL, the purdue online writing lab