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Meet the Library Team

Educational Background

  • Bachelor of Arts, English- Trinity University, San Antonio, TX

  • Masters of Education- Trinity University, San Antonio, TX

  • Masters in Library and Information Science- San Jose State University, San Jose, CA

After teaching English at Santana for fourteen years, I transitioned into the role of Librarian in 2007. This "job" is a match made in heaven blending my love of literature and research with that of helping both staff and students. I work to develop our reading selections for all students- providing quality literature that spans many tastes and reading levels. I want to make the library a place for students to study, find great books, and gather with friends for a number of reasons.

When I'm not at the library, I spend time enjoying walking my dogs, reading (of course), doing yoga, gardening, and working on stained glass.

Dress up

My "partner in crime", Michelle Lawshe-Winslow came to Santana in 2012 after working at Monte Vista as LIbrary Technician..  Among her many talents in the library, she processes new books to get them out to students, helps students in anything and everything technology, and keeps things running smoothly since the Library can be crazy busy at times.  She has a wonderful sense of humor and enjoys pilates, spending down time with her dogs, and bike riding.

Contact us at (619) 956-0261 or (619) 956-0262 or email


Library Policies

The library is an extension of the classroom and therefore has the same guidelines, purposes, and restrictions.  To help keep the library a clean, safe, comfortable area for all to enjoy, the following applies during ALL school hours even if a student does not have a class:

eBooks- GALE Virtual Library

Hale Virtual Reference Library Search
Click on the button above to access over 100 Gale Reference eBooks, including Novels For Students, Worldmark Encyclopedia of Nations, Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine, Encyclopedia of Religion, History Behind the Headlines, UXL Encyclopedia of Alternative Energy, UXL Encyclopedia of Drugs and Addictive Substances, New Dictionary of the History of Ideas, American Decades, Encyclopedia of World Biography, and many more!

If off campus:

USERNAME:  grossmontu
PASSWORD: welcome

Online Math Textbooks

1.  Go to:
2.  Log In with 

USERNAME:  sultanmath
PASSWORD: sultans

Need more Math help?  
1. Online videos are at:

2.  Santana's Math Tutorial Schedule is online at under the STUDENT tab

eBooks- Delaney ​

Delaney Digital Library

If off campus:

USERNAME: santana
PASSWORD: ebooks

How to Log in to your student account on Destiny (our Library Database)

  • from the Quick Links box select Library Catalog
  • select Santana High School
  • click on Log In at the top right
  • Username : Student ID #
  • Password: first initial, last initial, and 6 digit birthday (ex. ct020178)
  • Student information is in the My Info tab at the top