Mission and Vision

The GUHSD Library Mission Statement
Our mission is to empower students to be critical thinkers and problem solvers who use, produce, and share information and ideas to enrich learning, raise achievement, and pursue personal interests.

The GUHSD Library Vision is to open doors for students by:
  1. Ensuring equitable services, resources, and spaces for all GUHSD students to succeed on and off campus.  
  2. Providing uninterrupted access to library services by securing equitable staffing.
  3. Connecting students with resources and providing instruction to raise academic achievement.
  4. Integrating information and digital literacy skills into instruction across grade levels.
  5. Partnering with teachers to develop curriculum, create resources, and deliver instruction.
  6. Contributing to the successful implementation of district and school initiatives such as Future Forward and CTE.
  7. Promoting a love of reading and learning through print and digital collection development and programming. 
  8. Enriching school culture through exhibits, events, and other activities.
  9. Encouraging curiosity, exploration, and creation through Makerspaces and other resources.
  10. Fostering community by providing safe spaces that promote understanding, communication, and collaboration.