Historical Fiction

Historical Fiction (HF) Book List

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Title Author Category Description
47 Mosley, Walter U.S. 1832, Georgia, slave boy on plantation wants freedom
Book Thief, The Zusak, Markus World War II 1938, Nazi Germany, resiliency of humans
Bound Napoli, Donna Female Hero 1400, China, Ming Dynasty, footbinding
Boy with the Striped Pajamas, The Boyne, John World War II 1942, Auschwitz concentration camp, 2 boys, 2 sides
Bull Run Fleischman, Paul War Story 1861, Civil War, 1st battle (Battle of Bull Run)
Catherine Called Birdy Cushman, Karen Female Hero 1200s, England, life of knight's daughter
Chain of Fire Naidoo, Beverley World 1950s, South Africa, effects of Apartheid
Clay Marble, The Ho, Minfong Female Hero 1970s, Cambodia, girl in refugee camp during Vietnam War
Code Talker Bruchac, Joseph World War II 1941, Navajo Marines in WWII Pacific
Copper Sun Draper, Sharon U.S.
1738, slave trade and plantation life of 2 girls
Day of Tears Lester, Julius U.S.
1959, Savannah, Georgia, slave auction
Empress Shan, Sa Female Hero
600s, Empress Wu is the only female ruler from China, Tang
Fallen Angels Myers, Walter Dean War Story 1967, Vietnam War, African-American soldier
Fever, 1793 Anderson, L. U.S. 1793, Philadelphia, Yellow Fever Outbreak
Fire from the Rock Draper, Sharon U.S. 1957, Central High School in Little Rock, AK is desegregated
Forgotten Fire, The Bagdasarian, Adam World 1915, Turkey, Armenian genocide
Girl in Hyacinth Blue Vreeland, Susan Female Hero 1600s, Europe, why is famous painting hidden?
Girl with a Pearl Earring Chevalier, Tracy Female Hero 1600s, girl works for artist, Velazquez
Glory Field, The Myers, Walter Dean U.S. 1750-2000, 200+ year history of Black family from slavery to today
Goodbye, Vietnam Whelan, Gloria World 1960s, Mai's family must flee Vietnam during the war there
I, Juan de Pareja Trevino, Elizabeth World 1600, Spain, slave works for artist, Velazquez
Killer Angels Shaara, Michael War Story 1863, Civil War, Battle of Gettysburg
Kitchen Boy, The Alexander, Robert World 1917, Romanovs killed, Russian Revolution
Kite Runner, The Hosseini, Khalad World 1970s-2000, Afghanistan, two boys in Kabul are friends for life
Last Mission, The Mazer, Harry World War II 1944, American/Jewish boy is a POW in German camp
Long Season of Rain, The Kim, Helen World 1969, Korea, family adopts young orphan and favors him as male
March Brooks, Geraldine War Story 1861, Civil War, cruelty/racism on both sides
Maus I and II Spiegelman, Art World War II 1948, Holocaust survivors, humorous/serious, graphic novels
Milkweed Spinelli, Jerry World War II 1939, Warsaw Ghetto, orphan boy tries to survive
Mississippi Trial, 1955 Crowe, Chris U.S.
1955, Mississippi, who killed Emmett Till?
My Brother Sam is Dead Collier, James War Story 1775, American Revolution, brothers disagree
Nightjohn Paulsen, Gary Female Hero 1850s, young slave girl wants to learn to read
Other Side of Truth, The Naidoo, Beverley World 1990s, Nigeria, political refugees smuggled out of the country
Persepolis I and II Satrapi, Marjane Female Hero 1970s-80s, girl in Iranian Revolution, graphic novels
Pillars of the Earth Follett, Ken World 1100s, England, building a Gothic cathedral
Power of One, The Courtenay, Bryce World 1939, South Africa, boy becomes boxing champion, Apartheid
Private Peaceful Morpurgo, Michael War Story 1911, 14-year old boy joins the British Army in WWI
Rice Without Rain Ho, Minfong Female Hero 1970s, Thailand, class struggle, love war
Schindler's List Keneally, Thomas World War II 1941, German man saves Polish Jews during Holocaust
Single Shard, A Park, Linda World 1300s, poor Korean boy wants to learn to make fine pottery
Slave Dancer, The Fox, Paula U.S. 1840, New Orleans, musician on slave ship
Snow Falling on Cedars Guterson, David U.S. 1950s, Puget Sound, Japanese Relocation
Snow Flower and the Secret Fan See, Lisa Female Hero 1800s, China, sisters in arranged marriages
Soldier Boys Hughes, Dean World War II 1944, Battle of the Bulge, 1 American and 1 German
Soldier X Wulffson, Don World War II 1944, American who fought for Germany in WWII, loyalty
Soldier's Heart Paulsen, Gary War Story 1861, Civil War, 15-year old lies about age to fight
Sunrise Over Fallujah Myers, Walter Dean War Story 2003, Operation Iraqi Freedom, US troops in Iraq
Taste of Salt Temple, Frances World 1991, Haiti, teen boy is working to fight repression
Testimony of an Irish Slave Girl McCafferty, Kate Female hero 1500s, Britain sent thousands of Irish to Barbados as slaves
Things Fall Apart Achebe, Chinua World 1990s, tribal Ibo life in Nigeria under British colonial take-over
Things They Carried, The O'Brien, Tim War Story 1960s, Vietnam War, experiences of US soldiers
Thousand Pieces of Gold McCunn, Ruthann Female hero 1871, Chinese girl is sold into slavery and sent to the US
Thread of Grace, A Russell, Mary World War II 1943, Jewish refugees hoping for safety in Italy
Under a War-Torn Sky Elliott, L. M. World War II 1944, American pilot shot down in Europe during WWII
Underdogs, The Azuela, Mariano World 1910, definitive novel of the Mexican Revolution
Year of Wonders Brooks, Geraldine World 1600, England, trying to survive the Plague