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We have over 400 eBooks for you to choose from.
What is FollettShelf?

FollettShelf is our schools' web-based eBook library that allows you to read eBooks online from any location that has Internet access. From FollettShelf, you can browse the virtual bookshelves and search for specific titles. Read any book online that is not already checked out. When logged in to your own individual account, "check out" a title to guarantee your access to it during your checkout period and to also make use of advanced features like adding notes to your text.

How do I log into FollettShelf?

Click on the "FollettShelf" logo above to open up the FollettShelf website. You will be prompted to log in. 

Students: Log in with:

User Name = Student ID
Password = flmmddyy

f = first initial
l = last initial
mm = 2-digit birth month
dd = 2-digit birth date
yy = last 2-digits of birth year

Staff: Log in with your district "Portal" login credentials.

Generic-login: If you want to simply browse the collection, you may log in using the generic district online database credentials (HINT: User Name = grossmontu), which you may always obtain from your school library, Library & Media Services, or Educational Technology Resources. You will not be able to "check out" a book, but you can see what is available. If a book is not checked out, you can read it online.

How many eBooks can I check out?

For now, students and staff may check out 2 books at a time. As our collection grows, we will hopefully be able to increase that number. Once you are done reading a book, you may check it back in by "closing the book." This will allow you to check out a new book.

How long can I check an eBook book out for?

For now, students may check out most general eBooks for 3 weeks. Some books that support specific classroom projects are categorized as "Reference" materials with a 2-day checkout period.

Can I read these eBooks on an eBook reading device?

Not really. FollettShelf is currently designed for eBooks to be read through a web browser on a desktop or laptop computer. The Follett company is working to expand accessibility options of FollettShelf. They are currently developing apps for smart phones and tablet computers with a release as early as Fall 2011.

What books can I find on FollettShelf?

For our launch of FollettShelf, we have an collection of over 300 eBook titles. You will find popular titles like the Hunger Games series and Vampire Academy series. There are eye-opening titles like The Kite Runner and Three Cups of Tea. You can beef up on some classics like Brave New World andCannery Row, or you can escape with some fun reads likeQueen Geek Social Club and Coraline. Log in today and check out the full collection--there is something for everyone!

*Download a complete list of the launch eBook titles in PDFor Excel format.

Why should I try FollettShelf?

There are many options for finding free eBooks online--just take a look at links on the right for a sampling. If a book is old enough that its copyright has expired, then it may legally be offered online for free. But, if you want to read recent popular titles, the only legal way to get them for free is through a library or other lending system. You can check out eBooks from public library collections, but due to the high demand they must meet, titles are often not available right away. Also, public libraries purchase titles for a much broader population and so they currently do not offer as many young adult titles as our district offers with FollettShelf.

Help! I can't get FollettShelf to work!?!

It is possible your web browser or Flash-version is not compatible. Check out the system requirements on Follett's website: 

If you are still having trouble, make sure to see your school library staff.