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The GUHSD Library & Media Services Department  provides and supports the use of information resources for and by District staff and students. NOTE: Teachers are the target audience for content on this website.

We provide walk-in service for GUHSD teachers and staff. Stop by the office for the following services:

  • Self-service laminating
  • Self-service die-cut
  • Same day DVD pick-up/drop-off
  • Support and training for district faculty and staff with the district's online resources
  • Technical systems administration and cataloging support services for site library staff
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What exactly does your department do?
While many teachers are familiar with our department as the place to check out DVDs or laminate posters, the main work of our department happens "behind the scenes." Our staff supports the district's library program, including site libraries at the nine comprehensive high school sites. We manage and promote online information resources for teachers and students.
When are you open?
On regular school days, we are generally open from 7:00 am to 3:30 pm. Please note that because of our department's limited staffing, the office is occasionally closed due to lack of coverage. Therefore, while it is not necessary to call before stopping by, feel free to call us at (619) 593-2721 to confirm specific hours if you are planning a visit. 
Where are you located?
We are located in the Mollison Complex which is a cluster of bungalows adjacent to the El Cajon Valley High School campus. Enter on Braves Lane off of Mollison Avenue and turn left into the first double gates. Library Services is located on the corner of the second set of bungalows, facing the El Cajon High School Campus.
Laminating & Die-Cutting
Who is allowed to use the laminating and die-cutting machines?
GUHSD teachers and staff may use the laminating and die-cutting machines for work-related projects. Student aides and students who come alone will be sent back to the teacher and can only return when accompanied by an adult District Employee.
Do I have to pay for lamination?
Lamination is self-service at no charge, with the exception of large batches. If you require laminating a large quantity of materials, speak with us to make arrangements.
What is the maximum width of the laminator?
The width of the laminate stocked is 25 inches.
Do I have to bring my own paper for the die-cutting machines?
No. We provide pre-cut construction paper strips for the die-cutting machines. Our selection of colors varies. Therefore, if you would like a particular color, you may bring your own paper and use our paper cutters to cut the paper into strips.

DVD  Collection

Do you have a print catalog of the DVD collection?
No. Since our DVD collection is so large and the catalog is available to view and search online, we no longer publish a print catalog. However, upon request, we do have the ability to compose shorter lists of specific titles from our catalog for print. Contact us if you would like us to create a specific list.
How do I order DVDs for my classroom?
Click here to order DVDs.
What if I don't remember or have a login for SNAP, the online DVD catalog?
Your username and password are simply your Teacher Portal credentials. If you have trouble logging in, however, call or email us and we will be happy to help you. If we are not available immediately, you may still access the catalog by entering as a guest. As a guest, you will be able to browse and search the catalog - you just will not be able to place any bookings.
When are DVDs delivered to my school?
DVDs are delivered to the site by the GUHSD warehouse department, except in instances when there are complications such as staffing shortages. The delivery time of DVDs varies from school to school. Please check with your school's front office staff if you have questions about the delivery schedule for your particular site.
Where do I pick up and return DVDs at my school?
The District Warehouse delivers to and picks up DVDs from the schools' front offices. Distribution and collection of DVDs within each school varies from site to site. Please check with your school's front office staff if you have questions about the proper place to pick up and return DVDs.
How long may I borrow a DVD for?
When booking a DVD online with SNAP you may request to check it out for 1-6 school days. If you need DVD for a longer period of time, call us and we will make arrangements depending of the DVD's availability.
Is it possible to renew a DVD if I need it for more time?
Yes, as long as there are not other reservation conflicts. You may renew DVDs online via SNAP or just give us a call.
How do I make a DVD purchase suggestion?
The easiest way to make a DVD purchase suggestion is to contact us by  email. We strive to purchase DVDs based on the curricular needs of classroom teachers, and we welcome recommendations.