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Types of Information Sources Available in the Library
Print Books - Search the Library Catalog to find books on your topic.

General Websites (i.e., using a basic Google search) - Evaluate websites to ensure you use reliable resources. Alternatively, utilize the CRAAP Test.
Online Databases (subscription-based) - Use databases recommended for this project. Note, when accessing online databases, you may need to log in. The username is: grossmontu. See the librarian for the password and write it down somewhere safe.

Make sure to cite all of your information sources.


General Research Project

Find information sources and create a Source Note Card for each source.

Type of Source  General Websites
(i.e., using a basic 
Google search)
 At least (1) Source 
Print Books Online Databases
Require a subscription
FREE for you
Selection Tips
Evaluate websites 
to ensure you use 
reliable information.

Search the
Library Catalog
to find books on your topic.
Start with an
Easy Search
Source Note Card 
Record as much as you can find.*
  • Label with Source #
  • Author
    Last Name, First Name
  • "Title of Article"
  • Website Name
  • Date information posted, revised, or updated
  • Date you used website
  • URL (just so you can find it again)
  • Label with Source #
  • Author
    Last Name, First Name
  • Book Title
  • Place of Publication
  • Publisher
  • Year Published
  • Label with Source #
  • Author
    Last Name, First Name
  • "Title of Article"
  • Periodical Name
  • Date published
  • Page numbers
  • Database Name
  • Date you used database
*For more help citing sources, search MLA OWL for detailed information.

Take notes, coding each Note Card with the corresponding source.

  • Label with Source #.
  • Note page numbers, if available.
  • Use quotation marks for direct quotes

When you start to type your paper, use EasyBib to help you create your bibliography.


Gothic Literature (Edgar Allan Poe)

Harlem Renaissance

Medical English


Greek and Roman:
Native American:
Norse Mythology:

Of Mice and Men

General Resources
Mental Retardation
John Steinbeck
Salinas Valley
The Great Depression
History Search Websites

Open Directory Project for Teens - Tons of English Sites!

This site is maintained by a community of volunteer editors and is intended to serve as an organized directory of great websites for teens. Click on the link below to find lots of terrific English resources on the Web.

Open Directory Project for Teens/ENGLISH

Poetry Sites


Social Justice Leaders

If you are at school, you can also go to Online Databases under Quick Links to access eLibrary, World Book, or Facts on File to find more information on your topic.

Activists and Reformers

Activists/Progressive Reformers

Blackpast.org: African American History, includes information on leaders and events

Britannica Encyclopedia

LGBTQ Rights:

    Human Rights Campaign

    Harvey Milk

    LGBT Activists

    More LGBT Activists

Noam Chomsky

Nobel Peace Prize

Organizations that Promote Human Rights:

    Amnesty International

The Crucible/Arthur Miller/Salem WItch Trials

The Great Gatsby/ F. Scott Fitzgerald

Trojan War - Iliad

Using EBSCO Databases

  • Review slides about EBSCO databases:

Click on image
  • Use EasyBib to help you create your bibliography.

  • For more help citing sources, search MLA OWL for detailed information.

Writing and Publishing

  • Teen Ink
    • A Magazine, website & books written by teens
  • Figment
    • Write yourself in.