Welcome to the El Capitan High School Library

El Capitan Catalog

El Capitan Catalog
Students can search the entire GUHSD library catalog to search for books, view current materials checked out to you, and check all school fines by using the El Capitan Online Catalog, Destiny.
Instructions for Your Destiny Account

Username: Student ID#
Password: initials+6 digit birthday (flmmddyy)

  • Passwords follow this convention: flmmddyy
    • f = first initial
    • l = last initial
    • mm = month of birth
    • dd = day of birth
    • yy = year of birth 
  • Chansamone O'Meara born April 15, 1994= co041594
(Initials are lowercase and they are the first letters of your first name and the first letter of your last name. The beginning of my password would be 'co' for Chansamone O'Meara. If my birthday is April 15, 1994; my 6-digit password will be 041594. Use the number '0' for the single-digit month and/or day and it is the last two digits of your birth year. So my password is co041594.)

El Capitan Library Policy

Policies and programs
Checking Out Materials
  • Students should have a Student ID card for checkouts.
  • Students may check out three items.
  • Check outs are for three weeks and may be renewed.
Reminders for Students:
  • Every student that enters the library is required to sign-in at the circulation desk at all times, this includes before school and after school.  
  • A library is a quiet place where you can come do schoolwork.  We have every textbook available for students to use in the library.
  • Please enjoy your food and drink beverages outside of the library.  NO FOOD or DRINKS inside.
  • Students can check out a Barnes N’ Noble Nook to read eBooks.  There are 8 Nooks with different genres of books on each Nook. Please ask for a Nook permission slip.
  • Students can find a good book in every section because we have recommendations in each of the fiction sections.
  • Students may recommend a library book that would be a great addition to our collection.  Just fill out Library Request Form at the library.
  • If a book is lost or stolen, it is still the responsibility of the student to pay for the book or to replace it. 
Students are always expected to follow the Black and Gold Code:
“I respect myself, my community, and expect others to do the same.”
Student Computer Use:
  • Be empowered and be innovative. Do awesome things. Amaze us.
  • Be smart and be safe. Make good choices. Protect yourself and others.
  • Be careful and be courteous. Foster a community that is respectful, helpful, and kind. Act with integrity.